I created the Pre-conception Cleanse so women can enhance their fertility and have the healthiest baby possible,

Meet The Author


I'm a Naturopathic Doctor, who practices integrative medicine with an emphasis on women’s health.

My current focus is on Environmental Medicine and the conditions that are associated with toxic exposures: auto-immune diseases, fatigue, cognitive decline, hormone imbalances, mitochondrial dysfunction, and neurologic conditions.

I also have a Masters in Public Health and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I was the Naturopathic Doctor on staff for the First Disabled Ascent of Mt. Everest in 1998. I was also the creator of Insulite Laboratories, a company dedicated to reversing disorders related to insulin. My private practice Holistica Integrative Care is in Boulder, CO, which I've managed for 24 years.

I am the co-founder and Vice President of Pride Pads Africa whose mission is to manufacture sanitary pads in Northern Cameroon to keep girls in school. I am the author of a book called "Pre-Conception Cleanse: Detoxify Your Life - Inside and Out - For The Optimal Health of Your Baby."

"I read her book in one sitting- straight through- and made of list of everything I want to do.

I had no idea that so much of my ability to conceive was up to me."


Detoxify Your Life - Inside and Out - For The Optimal Health of Your Baby.

This book is for individuals who are interested in a healthy future, especially women planning to conceive. It highlights the rising rates of health issues such as neurodevelopmental and immune system challenges and the need for research and legislation on chemical safety.

This book emphasizes taking voluntary steps to clean up our environment, recognizing how to avoid exposure, and fortifying our bodies against toxins. It also stresses the importance of a safe in-utero environment and proactive measures to promote the health of the child.

This book also provides a plan of action to minimize the impact of toxins on health and addresses the causes of our challenged health.

Empower yourself with the Pre-Conception Cleanse Book. It will arm you with the most advanced knowledge to getting and staying healthy.



Dr. Jill Carnahan, MD

"Dr. Mary Shackelton has written a much needed guide for any woman wanting to know exactly what she can do to have a healthy pregnancy.  This comprehensive guide offers practical advice for a “pre-detox” to empower each mother-to-be with a program that decreases toxic load before the pregnancy and optimize fertility."


Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD

"Mary Shackleton provides a wealth of practical information on how to minimize toxic exposures and eliminate those you've accumulated through the years, especially important advice for anyone who is planning to conceive a child, but useful for anyone who just wants to live a long and healthy life ".


Dr. Lisa Samet, ND

"Dr. Shackelton is equal parts genius and heart and I am so grateful to her and Holistica. Diagnoses (especially those that are really difficult to identify), comprehensive medical treatment, support, and steps toward perfect health are all covered on new levels at this clinic. Wonderful in-clinic pharmacy, too. Highly recommended!"

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